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Keeping in touch with coworkers while working remotely can be challenging.

Our bot organises short coffee breaks within the comfort of your Slack so you don't miss the spontaneous conversations you would have back at the office.

Better connections are just one click away!

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It’s going to be a paradigm shift in working methods after the crisis. Several big tech giants announced that work from home is going to be a permanent option.


Working remotely is a big change and needs some adaptation. It causes loss of personal contact and arbitrary interactions around the workplace. Even if teleconferencing solutions allow working almost as normal, it is mostly used for work-related matters. What’s going to happen with the organizational culture? How to integrate new employees? How to ensure a good communication and motivation inside of your team, department or even company?


It has been proven that if people connect at a personal level, they also work better together.

Efficient networking is our priority

Connecting people remotely

Bot Integration in your Messaging System

SpotYet Virtual Slack bot:

1. Arranges

small groups

2. Assigns short remote "after work" meetings or coffee breaks

3.  Increases productivity during those meetings by suggesting different topic suggestions, challenges, and activities

4.  Improves the social connectedness in your organization

Testimonials SpotYet Virtual

It provided a nice break during the working day, and an opportunity to talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to. good that it gave suggestions for topics to discuss.

Lisa Bäckman, KTH Innovation

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