SpotYet Events is a networking game that will upscale the networking quality at your event. Regardless of the size or type of event, SpotYet Events enables participants to easily grow their network in a matter of seconds. Our solution works like a game by prompting players to find each other based on only their photos, while the matching is based on their common, previously selected interests. SpotYet Events can be the perfect tool for integrating employees from different departments in big companies or as a networking booster at big events and conferences. 

Efficient networking is our priority

Eliminating prior scheduling and planning

Use SpotYet in your event in just a few steps

Organizer? Make the most out of your event
  1. Set-up your event through our admin interface in less than 10min. Customize it to meet your needs!

  2. Witness and be part of the numerous connections being made in just a few minutes.

  3. Get a networking graph and statistics about the connections you just created using SpotYet.

Participant? Have fun and mingle
  1. Set-up your profile using LinkedIn Integration or simply take a selfie and answer a few questions.

  2. Get matched with another participant.

  3. Look around and spot the person on your screen.

  4. Mingle and get to know each other using SpotYet's pre-selected ice-breakers.

  5. Keep playing to meet even more interesting people.

  6. Leave the event having at least 3 connections more.

Disrupting networking, one event at a time


Events where SpotYet was already played


New Connections


Would like to use SpotYet again

Organizers and attendees love SpotYet

I had spent less than 5 minutes to set up SpotYet and then people immediately started getting to know each other. It was so easy and so much fun.

Peter Langela, EIT Digital 

Summer School Organizer @ Bologna, Italy


Stockholm, Sweden

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